Jennifer Rochlin

NADA New York
2 - 5 March, 2017

For her first appearance at NADA New York (New Art Dealers Alliance) - Booth #3.06, Louis Lefebvre is pleased to present a set of wall panels and pots by Californian artist Jennifer Rochlin. Jennifer Rochlin is part of the Californian cultural mix of Pop culture, expressionism and abstraction, but also a more distant and deeper inspiration related to the early days of ceramics. Repetitive geometric patterns, primary forms and rough textures, are inscribed in clay using the Sgraffito method. (Italian for scratching through the surface). Her intuitive mark making and her expressive hand building have a way of rendering the work with
a physicality that is immediate and sensitive.
She shows scenes from her personal life, images from popular culture (Bruce Lee for example, or Gloria Steinham and Angela Davis) as glimpses of stories in which animals, female nudes, and patterns are intertwined and layered with painterly glazes.
By using this plurality of references, and by basing the images in the clay, she achieves a perfect balance between technique, historical knowledge of the medium and homage to the craft.

Jennifer Rochlin lives and works in Los Angeles.
She is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has shown extensively around the United States.
She also uses painting, drawing and sculpture as means of expression.